The Waiakea Vision

Can a twenty-something-year-old graduate form a company that quickly grows 4000% in three years and be the most award winning company in its industry? The answer is “yes” and that man is Ryan Emmons and the company is Waiakea Water.

Emmons grew up in California, but spent much of his time with his family in Hawaii, learning its culture, appreciating its lifestyle, and adopting the concept of “malama i ka ‘a¯ina”(to protect and care for the land). He learned to appreciate Hawaii’s natural resources, particularly the water at the base of Mauna Loa.

As a student in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, for three years Emmons researched the feasibility of creating a company to distribute the water. After graduating early, Emmons founded the company in 2012, and it grew quickly. Today it is in 30 states in the U.S. and has gone from selling 2,304 cases the first year to over 120,000 cases annually.

What is so special about volcanic water? To begin with, it is some of the purest water in the world, formed at the base of the mountain from snowmelt and rainwater on top of the mountain. As the water drains down the 14,000 feet, it absorbs minerals and electrolytes from the mountainside, turning it into a healthy and delicious source of water that is naturally alkaline (8.8pH).

One aspect of Emmons’ vision is implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Forbes revealed that Waiakea water bottles are 100% RPET with a 90% smaller CO2 footprint than bottles used by other companies. The manufacturing is accomplished using 85% less energy. Waiakea is the only company in the U.S. that is CarbonNeutral® certified.

Despite his early success, Emmons has a greater vision for Waiakea water than simply a successfully and profitable business. He has the opportunity to give back. In Hawaii, he donates to local organizations and nonprofits such as; The Kama’aha Initiative, INPEACE, and Kupu.

He has donated over one billion liters of clean water to people in the African people of Malawi and sponsored the building of several Elephant Pumps that can pump water from a depth of over 90 feet depth without using electricity.

Emmons had a vision, a vision of clean, delicious, and healthy water. According to Crunchbase, That vision is realized on a daily basis through Waiakea Water and each bottle of water he donates to people in need.

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