The Traffic System of Austin – Why It Is Getting Better

Being the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein has over thirty years of experience in finding solutions for the traffic system of Texas.



Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, also commonly called CTRMA, was created to find solutions for the transportation system of Texas in regards to their traffic system. Fighting congestion for more than fifteen years, the company has exceeded in maintaining an excellent transportation system in Texas, Austin and the vicinity.



CTRMA independent group has made it through with funding supporters and a lot of dedication from the founders and managers of the group, the leaderboards of CTRMA. Created in 2002, the company oversees most of the decisions in the transportation system, and it has been growing fast only with the support of their donors. The two counties that they manage have already shown considerable progress in their congestion in some areas of the improvement and development of new toll roads and solutions for traffic.



Since 2002, Mike Heiligenstein has already improved the congestion charts of Williamson and Travis counties and the traffic problems reported by civilians have drastically decreased during the years, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.



For Austin, the responsible professionals implemented the toll road 183A in the place where congestion was the most frightening, and it solved a big part of the issue, although Mike Heiligenstein has stated publicly that he still aims to develop more toll roads to do the same significant effects that he achieved in other metropolitan centers.



The corporation has developed Metropia and MoPac, two software that will integrate a traffic app together to help individuals who are looking for faster ways to travel around the counties by suggesting routes without congestion or by alarming them about the periods of the day with the lowest movement.



The solutions that came around with the implementation of smartphone apps have been so far very efficient at handling the traffic problems of a populous metropolitan center like Austin.


Professional Accomplishment of Talent Recruiting Expert Julie Zuckerberg

Today, organizations around the world are searching for the best talents to hire. Most of these companies rely on the services rendered by executive talent recruitment experts to find the right candidates to recruit. Julie Zuckerberg is an executive talent recruiter based in New York. She has worked for different companies, serving different roles. Currently, Julie works at Deutsche Bank serving as both the executive recruiter and vice president. She collaborates with other leaders in various sectors in the financial and banking industry, and assist them to recruit top talents from a range of professionals in her database.


Professional Background


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson serving as the director of candidate placement from 2002 to 2007. At this company, she was involved in the recruitment of various professionals including lawyers, case managers and paralegals for other large and small organization. In addition, Julie’s clients relied on her expertise to offer workplace conflict resolution service. She left Hudson and started to work at Citi Global Functions. She served as both the Vice President and Executive Recruiter.


At Citi Global Functions, Julie helped several companies to recruit senior level employees in different fields such as legal, auditing and compliance. In fact, she was responsible for recruiting MD of CitiCards, a service provided by Citi Global Functions, and the Director of Citi Global, a leading marketing company. She relied on innovative ideas like employee referral, online search, direct sourcing and also social media during recruitment process. She remained at the company until 2011 when she moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank.


From November 2013 to February 2014, Julie Zuckerberg worked at a life insurance company in NY. Julie joined Deutsche Bank in 2015, and was in charge of collaborating with other executives from Global Technology, Commercial Clients, Operations and Private Wealth to enhance the process of talent acquisition. Julie manages a team of highly talented professional recruiters. She is highly recognized in the industry because of her ability, potential, and outstanding skills in leadership. Julie’s tech skills has separated her from her competitors.


Julie’s Hobbies and Interests


When Julie Zuckerberg is not in her office recruiting talents, she could be jogging, doing photography, improving her tech skills. She embraces arts and culture, supports economic empowerment initiatives, and she is very concerned about animals’ welfare. During her leisure time, Julie participates in charitable causes in her neighborhood. Although she is not an active social media user, Julie can be found on Linkedln and Twitter. Julie Zuckerberg is a resident of Manhattan, New York.


Julie’s Education History


For one to have a very successful career he/she must have good education. Julie Zuckerberg studied at the City University of New York and graduated with a degree in philosophy. She advanced her studies at New York Law School and earned JD. Her interests in joining recruitment industry started early where she was training others how to acquire and manage talents. Some of her professional qualifications include employee training, conflict resolution, succession planning, interviewing skills and elite sourcing.



Cassio Audi’s Amazing Career Journey

The name Cassio Audi is well known to millions of financial investors for the work the Sao Paulo University graduate has completed in opening up the markets to millions of people across Latin America over the last two decades. However, Cassio Audi had another career before he embarked upon his financial success that saw him become a legend in the world of heavy metal music across the world.

Cassio Audi is classed as one of the founding members of the iconic Brazilian heavy metal band Viper, which saw Cassio Audi record a number of demo songs and appear on the first professionally released albums by the fledgling band that has continued to tour ever since. Although his career with Viper came to an end in 1989 when the musician changed direction and decided to carve out a career as a leading financial expert. In 1985 the teenage Cassio Audi came together with fellow band members Andre Matos, Felipe Machad, Yves Passarell, and Pit Passarell to create a sound heavily influenced by the golden years of British heavy metal in the 1970s and early 1980s.

As the drummer for the first incarnation of Viper, Cassio Audi helped develop the sound and individuality of the band as they set out to develop their career as a leading heavy metal group for the future. Among the musical work of Cassio Audi are two influential demo’s and the release of the first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Leaving his teenage years behind, Cassio Audi left the music business and decided instead to develop a career as a leading financial specialist well known and respected across Brazil and Latin America.

An Overview of Sawyer Howitt’s Rise in the Business World

Sawyer Howitt is a young business entrepreneur who currently is in second semester senior in Lincoln High school. He works at the Meriwether Group. Meriwether is a social firm, founded by his father, which mentors upcoming business enthusiast. Despite being a mere high school student, Sawyer Howitt is already established in the business world. Despite being the founder and the CEO of the company, Sawyer Howitt’s father has put enormous trust in his capability to make significant decisions of the firm. The young business enthusiast is not only known for his dedication to the company, but also for molding other young business persons to achieve their dreams.

From a young age, Sawyer Howitt admired his father’s commitment and hard work in business. He mastered financial and operational needs of an enterprise, how to connect and resonate with the consumers and applied these skills combined with his creativity to drive his success. The experience and exposure he enjoys from working with Meriwether Group, has molded him into an all-around business manager. He learnt how to take notes in significant meetings, nuanced presentations, and how to carry himself around key people in the industry.

For more information on Sawyer Howitt, read his blog.

Contributions at Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group works with different companies from startups to international brands to assist them in accelerating their brands. Sawyer Howitt started working at the company in 2015 as the Strategy Analysts. His roles included expansion of RFID checkout solutions to retail stores. Early this year, Sawyer Howitt was promoted to the position of the project manager. His role is to implement advanced technology solutions for the retail business, which is instrumental in commerce.

More on Sawyer Howitt: A Look at the New Technologies That Can Have An Impact on Love Event in the Near Future




Transforming the World of Technology- NuoDB’s Database

NuoDB is an organization that specializes in database management, founded in 2008. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gartner Magic Quadrant, the top information and technology research and advisory firm in the world, recognized it as a niche player and Visionary in its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The Company was formerly known as NimbusDB and later changed its name to NuoDB in 2011. It was co-founded by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey.

The Unique NuoDB Technology
NuoDB uses a tiered approach which constitutes multiple tiers of transaction engines and storage managers. The database is built around a design that uses a set of in-memory caches to support cloud elasticity while at the same time ensuring that all of the data objects are safely stored and maintained. It also supports multi-version concurrency control in detecting data deadlocks and resolving access conflicts. Additionally, it makes use of the elements of object-oriented and message-oriented distributed computing approaches, chiefly a peer-to-peer simultaneous communication format.

NuoDB’s Management
NuoDB has the backing of three former CEOs of the four original relational SQL cloud database companies. Their senior management team includes former executives from organizations such as the Broad Vision, IONA Technologies, Endeca, ExaGrid, Iron Mountain, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Object Design, Oracle, Qlik, Stream Base Systems, Teradata, and Veracode. Morris was the founding CEO but handed over the position to Bob Walmsley in July 2015 when he became the Executive Chairman of the company.

The Importance Of Seeking Life Line Screening Services

From late 20th century, lifestyle disorders have been on the increase. Due to their busy schedules, humans have lacked time to observe diet and do some physical exercises. However, Life Line Screening has a solution to this health menace. Life Line Screening is a leading provider of health knowledge that gives people guidelines on how to live a healthier life. It offers affordable and reliable testing that aims at identifying health risks at their early stages when they can still be treated.

Life Line Screening believes that, by partnering with doctors, they can provide solutions to the various health complications. The company was established in 1993, and it has its headquarters at Independence, OH. The preventive health screenings done by the firm are quick, safe, painless and non-invasive. The company boasts of a highly trained technician who uses state-of-the- art technology to give the client accurate and reliable information that can be utilized by physicians to better their health. The company also offers community-based screening events in various neighborhoods across the nation especially in community centers, corporations, senior centers and places of worship.

Types of Preventive Health Screening

Some of the conditions that are targeted Life Line Screening include stroke, abdominal aortic and carotid artery diseases and other diseases that can be treated once detected at early stages. The screening is done in three major ways.

i. Ultrasound Screenings

It is a technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to image structures in the body. Life Line screening uses next generation Doppler color flow technology. This technology produces accurate and reliable images for conditions such as abdominal aortic, cardio artery, ankle-brachial and bone mineral density screening.

ii. Limited Electrocardiograph

This technology is used to detect irregular heartbeats, a heart condition that increases the chances of getting stroke.

iii. Finger-Stick Blood Screenings

This test is done by pricking the finger and taking few drops of blood, which are then screened. This technology accurately screen for cholesterol, glucose, elevated liver enzymes and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

The disorders that are caused by extreme conditions of these symptoms are deadly, and therefore, getting to know your condition at early stages is significantly essential.

Thor Halvorssen Focuses on Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a professional who founded several institutions with the premise of advocating for human rights. He educates people worldwide on issues of equality and justice. His advocates for democracy, public policy, public interest individual rights, and civil liberties. He was born in Venezuela on March 9, 1976. His family has links to several influential people. For example, his mother Hilda is descendent of the first president of Venezuela named Cristobal Mendoza. Thor Halvorssen received his education at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained dual undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History, graduating magna cum laude.

He is a writer and has published pieces in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. He uses media outlets such as TED talks and movies to discuss human rights issues. This supports his assertion that freedom of speech is crucial to a progressive society.

Thor Halvorssen was the CEO of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He stepped down and became CEO and president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen started the Olso Freedom Forum, which is an opportunity for people from all over the world to gather in Norway and discuss human rights issues. He also created the Moving Pictures Institute and uses film as a medium to illustrate modern day human rights issues. One of his more well-known productions is 2081 which is a film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story Harrison Burgeron, which is about a dystopian society where all are made equal through forced handicapping.

Thor Halvorssen uses a variety of ways to advocate for human rights, and his influence is seen in the media, public sector, and film.


Recognition for Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion Video Chat has won an award for 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Reacting to this, their CTO Ryan Page has said that this achievement can be considered as a bigger goal that has been achieved. It is just an indication of the efficiency and innovation displayed by the team at Talk Fusion. They have made effective use of processes in order to create an application that is truly magnificent. In fact, this is a product that is going to have such major impacts on businesses all around the world that it can be considered as being completely priceless.

This is the second award that has been won by Talk Fusion from Technology Marketing Corporation, for the year 2016. This is not all. They introduced a complete package with this offering. Within one year, Talk Fusion was able to introduce Free Trials along with its WebRTC Recorder. It even launched a completely new site called in order to make things easier for the user.

And Talk Fusion is moving ahead. They are looking at helping their users and reaching out to more customers. In fact, 2016 will be one of their best years ever.

Talk Fusion is the first provider of all-in-one Video Marketing Solution in the world. It is dedicated towards helping businesses to stay ahead of their competition. They are providing a solution that will help to increase sales and bring in more profits. Such kind of services will help to keep the customer coming back for more. This way Talk Fusion has offered a dynamic way which makes marketing more dynamic and engaging as a video is being used.

These are innovative products from Talk Fusion that are being marketed today in over 140 countries. These are sold by Independent Associates on person to person basis. Besides, Talk Fusion is offering a free trial for 30 days of their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. This is for those who wish to try it out before they decide to buy it. There is no need to give any credit card information for this free trial session.

The Waiakea Vision

Can a twenty-something-year-old graduate form a company that quickly grows 4000% in three years and be the most award winning company in its industry? The answer is “yes” and that man is Ryan Emmons and the company is Waiakea Water.

Emmons grew up in California, but spent much of his time with his family in Hawaii, learning its culture, appreciating its lifestyle, and adopting the concept of “malama i ka ‘a¯ina”(to protect and care for the land). He learned to appreciate Hawaii’s natural resources, particularly the water at the base of Mauna Loa.

As a student in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, for three years Emmons researched the feasibility of creating a company to distribute the water. After graduating early, Emmons founded the company in 2012, and it grew quickly. Today it is in 30 states in the U.S. and has gone from selling 2,304 cases the first year to over 120,000 cases annually.

What is so special about volcanic water? To begin with, it is some of the purest water in the world, formed at the base of the mountain from snowmelt and rainwater on top of the mountain. As the water drains down the 14,000 feet, it absorbs minerals and electrolytes from the mountainside, turning it into a healthy and delicious source of water that is naturally alkaline (8.8pH).

One aspect of Emmons’ vision is implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Forbes revealed that Waiakea water bottles are 100% RPET with a 90% smaller CO2 footprint than bottles used by other companies. The manufacturing is accomplished using 85% less energy. Waiakea is the only company in the U.S. that is CarbonNeutral® certified.

Despite his early success, Emmons has a greater vision for Waiakea water than simply a successfully and profitable business. He has the opportunity to give back. In Hawaii, he donates to local organizations and nonprofits such as; The Kama’aha Initiative, INPEACE, and Kupu.

He has donated over one billion liters of clean water to people in the African people of Malawi and sponsored the building of several Elephant Pumps that can pump water from a depth of over 90 feet depth without using electricity.

Emmons had a vision, a vision of clean, delicious, and healthy water. According to Crunchbase, That vision is realized on a daily basis through Waiakea Water and each bottle of water he donates to people in need.

Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Troy McQuagge’s Relevance in the Health Insurance Industry

Troy McQuagge was among the winners of the 2017 One Planet Awards. He received a Gold award in the CEO of the Year category. The One Planet Awards is an international awards program that has been recognizing professional and business excellence since it was founded. The program accepts nominations from private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Troy McQuagge was hired as an agent of USHEALTH Group back in 2010. He has been in charge of the company’s distribution agency. Since he was hired, McQuagge oversaw the restructuring of the company. This professional achievement enabled him to be promoted to CEO and president of the insurance company. His leadership role has allowed USHEALTH Group to record growth and to secure a spot in the competitive health insurance industry.

Speaking during the awards ceremony, McQuagge thanked the One Planet Awards for their effort in recognizing professional excellence. He also praised the professional and executive teams of USHEALTH Group for their support and encouragement. McQuagge also said that the award is a manifestation of USHEALTH’s commitment to serving clients in the health insurance industry.

Troy McQuagge’s Professional Background

McQuagge began his professional career as an agent for Allstate Insurance back in 1983. He was in charge of formulating marketing strategies to propel the sales of the company’s insurance products. UICI/Health Market also hired him as a sales agent in 1995. During his tenure, the company recorded an increase in its sales. Furthermore, the firm’s international presence grew rapidly due to the marketing strategies that McQuagge developed.

Troy McQuagge spent most of his professional career in Panama City, Florida. His expertise lies in health insurance sales. Throughout his 30 years professional journey, he has worked as a sales agent for several health insurance companies. He currently lives in Coppell, Texas for easier accessibility to the USHEALTH Advisors’ offices. McQuagge was appointed to serve as the president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisors operates as a sales and marketing subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. As the CEO of the company, McQuagge ensures that USHEALTH Advisors excels in selling health insurance plans created by USHEALTH Group.