How To Make Investment Decisions During The After-Election Economic Conditions

Warren Buffett is one of the many American investors who has emphasized that Americans need to save more. His method of investment has proven effective for decades, he first analyses the companies before building any long-lasting work relationships with them.

This is a method that Tim Armour has approved saying that investors need to be more cautious with the hedge fund investment managers. He argues that most of them just sell expensive funds. He emphasizes that the best fund investment is the low-cost and simple investments that people can hold for a long period of time. People should invest in managers who have already invested their own amount of money in the same fund as their clients.

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He is also recently commented on the economic situation that will result from the election of Trump. The surprise results of the presidential election are likely to bring a quicker economic growth. The already increasing interest rates will continue to increase as more inflation is around the corner. He admits that the interesting rates have continued to increase his whole life but he thinks that this is the highest that it has ever been. The increase in popularity and the unknown government policies under the new governance will only fuel the worsening economic conditions. He has encouraged investors to always be in a better situation than other people even in such an economic crisis.

Tim Armour the current Chief Executive Officer of Capital group is among the best people to seek investment advice from. He holds a degree in economics and has worked at Capital Group for close to 34 years. He was elected the CEO in 2008 and served as an interim CEO until 2010. Before he became the CEO he served at different position in the firm. He started by participating in The Associates Program. He climbed the career ladder and is now the chairman of Capital Group management Committee in addition to being the company CEO.

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