Paul Mampilly: Helping Everyday Americans With Investments

Beginning his career in 1991, Paul Mampilly started as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust on Wall Street. His impressive skills and knowledge with hedge funds advanced his career to manage multimillion-dollar accounts at ING and Deutsche Bank. During his career at Kinetics Asset Management, Paul Mampilly increased the firm’s assets to $25 billion and averaging a 26% annual return. In the middle of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, Mampilly invested in the Templeton Foundation, growing a $50 million investment to $88 million in a year.

Retiring to spend more time with family, Paul Mampilly shifted his focus to help everyday people invest, instead of only the wealthy 1%. Mampilly founded two newsletters of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. With increasing popularity of his newsletters, he is launching True Momentum, a research service in 2017. Directing the newsletters toward people of different backgrounds and incomes, Mampilly provides research that is affordable for the average American. Each of the newsletters are based on Mampilly’s close daily monitoring of the world and North American markets. Paul Mampilly’s recommendations undergo extensive research of up to 40 hours to provide readers with easy to understand example scenarios and financial knowledge.

Paying particular attention to trends as the Internet of Things and tracking the millennial generation helps Mampilly make possible recommendations. Consistently tracking and reading stocks gives Paul Mampilly the best knowledge and dedication toward his productive career. When recommending a stock, Mampilly looks for the negative opinions to help better his recommendations. Although Paul Mampilly attended college, he feels that if he could start again, he wouldn’t attend college. Instead, he would have liked to learn about Wall Street through hands-on experience and trial and error.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Montclair State University for a BBA in Finance and Accounting. He furthered his education with an MBA in Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. While being promoted to multiple different positions on Wall Street, Mampilly learned his expertise to later create Capuchin Consulting in 2013. With a 47% return the first year with Profits Unlimited, Mampilly’s consulting firm gives investment ideas to potential investors.

Along with founding his successful investment newsletters, Paul Mampilly was an editor, author and analyst for Agora Financial’s FDA Trader. During his tenure at FDA Trader, $6 million in sales was generated and was the #1 source for biotech investment research for investors. Mampilly also wrote recommendations for Common Sense Publishing for a year as an analyst. From his recommendations for Common Sense Publishing, over $2.5 million was generated in product sales.

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Davos Real Estate Group Launches New Application

Davos Real Estate Group will soon be launching a mobile application that will be known as Davos CAP Calculator. This was announced just recently in an official statement to the consumers. The new mobile application will be used to estimate the returns on the real estate businesses the client has an interest in.

Davos Real Estate Group popularly known as REG is among the independent firms that form a global financial group called Davos Financial Group. The company is also one of the leaders in the market, especially in Latin America. The institution offers consumers comprehensive financial solutions. It has been operation for more than two decades.
REG’s main objective focuses mainly in formulating special investment strategies that are able to meet the expectations and also the needs of the consumers. The company combines the premium products that are within the regulations framework for quality service and a team of qualified professionals who are both licensed and specialized in the industry. This explains why the company has managed to do so well in the recent past.

The new mobile application has been designed for some time. The executive director of the company, Gerard Gonzalez says that the useful tool has been developed in a period of six months. The project has been made possible by REG and a company known as Tecknolution. Consumers will now be able to estimate the gains the have on a certain investment property, when all the expenses that are associated with the investment have been considered.

The mobile application has been developed using some of the modern and latest technology and it is already available to android devices and iPhones. David Osio says that the application was designed after the REG saw the need to have a mobile application that would assist all the clients financially, especially those who are interested in the real estate industry.

David Osio is a well-known individual in the United States. He is a hedge fund manager who has earned the respect of many people, especially in the real estate industry. He went for his university education in Catholic University in Bello. He studied international banking law.

David Osio began his successful career in the year 1981 when he became the president of OPED Enterprise. As the president of the institution, David Osio oversaw the coffee expert programs. After working for some time, he was appointed to work in a top position in one of the largest firms in the US, known as Letco Commercial Companies.

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