Fabletics Builds On The Personality Of Founder Kate Hudson

Any Online retailer cannot enter the clothing retail market without taking the dominance of Amazon into account and setting up a marketing strategy designed to make a new company a rival to the Amazon retail juggernaut. Fabletics has been created as a subscription-based service where new customers take a lifestyle quiz designed to make sure they get the best possible clothing for their active lifestyle; alongside the need to develop a strong strategy for marketing based on the aesthetics of Kate Hudson’s life the brand has also sought to create a series of options for bringing a better life for themselves.


Forbes reports Amazon currently holds an impressive 20 percent of the Online retail market and is now facing the challenge being created by Fabletics as the brand builds a success for the future. Aspirational brands have traditionally been high-priced as the highest-quality is usually paid for by consumers who are looking to develop a better standard of life. Fabletics has changed this model by choosing to offer its services to members who want to pay around 50 percent less than the brands offering similar options to them in leisurewear and active brands reflecting the success and skills of the leaders of the Fabletics brand.


Initially established in 2013, the Fabletics brand was developed by the TechStyle Group who made the like to Kate Hudson almost as soon as the brand was in the planning stages. The star of “Almost Famous” set out to make sure the brand reflects her own lifestyle and interests as her role as the brand ambassador for the Fabletics brand is a believable partnership for the consumer to enjoy; Kate Hudson has become the main marketing tool for the brand as she uses her own social media pages to model the latest creations from the brand.


Alongside taking on a role as the main brand ambassador for the Fabletics brand she has also been looking for the best ways of exploring the different aspects of the company in terms of the design and business areas of the business. Kate Hudson believes she is still first and foremost an actress who has spent much of the last four years exploring the inner workings of the Fabletics brand; one of the main areas of success for Kate Hudson has been the development of a more impressive customer service department over the last few years.

Whitney Wolfe of Bumble Empowers Women

For a young lady who hails from America, Whitney Wolfe is doing well in business. Her alarming exit from Tinder was marked by a new success story thanks to Bumble, the new dating application she established. Whitney is a true inspiration to many young women who need role model in the society. Her charisma and passion in business is admired by young as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Featuring a high profile, Forbes named her on their top 30 under 30 list. Giving a speech concerning the positive recognition by Forbes, Whitney admitted that she was elated to be an admired figure that was influential to many.


Eventually, Whitney’s desire to transform the social media platform manifested in passion to connect people through Bumble, a new dating application. Unlike most of the dating sites in which the man is in charge, Bumble gives the initiation power to women. This is a clear indication that Whitney Wolfe is focused on empowering women and their dreams. Bumble transformed the world in many ways. When a girl makes the move, the guy receives a notification thereby allowing them to respond. This occurs when there is a match. Within 24 hours, the match disappears if there is no notification. For more info about us: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe click here.

Self Esteem

On women’s self esteem, Whitney Wolfe believes that every person has the power to concur the world by building their self esteem. She states that inferiority is within. In business, Whitney believes that the first steps must be faced courageously since outsiders can be discouraging. Many people are inclined to put startups down by proving that the business idea is not

This should however not make a starter inferior by injecting self doubt. She insists that constructive criticism is however healthy for business.


Whitney Wolfe has created job opportunities for women. Her employee data base is at 80%. Her rules included wearing a positive attitude at work and encouraging each other by supporting the workforce. A testament to her motto and rules for working, Whitney banned a Bumble male user after reading multiple offensive messages sent to a lady. She believes that respecting women is paramount. Whitney Wolfe continues to empower women through her works. She is a role model in terms of career advancement.