Logan Stout Cares About Humanity

The United States is a nation that has a serious issue with excessive weight. There are countless American citizens who are either obese or overweight. The majority of fully grown adults who reside in the nation fit into one of those categories. People are constantly trying to take action regarding their weight. People want to look and feel better. They also want to reap the rewards that are associated with healthy weight. Excessive weight has the ability to make people a lot more susceptible to a range of serious health concerns. Heart disease is a major example.

Logan Stout is the head of a nutritional supplement and wellness firm that’s called IDLife. It specializes in dietary supplements that can help users in a variety of key ways. These supplements can aid people who want to shed pounds safely. They can aid those who want to strengthen their metabolisms and gain more energy. They can even aid individuals who are enthusiastic about bettering immune systems. Stout is a dedicated entrepreneur who used to be a professional athlete. He’s done so many noteworthy things throughout his long career as well. People respect Stout for a vast assortment of reasons. They know him as a capable coach, first and foremost. He’s more than a coach, too. He’s a talented businessman, motivational speaker and writer. He strives to assist people who are in the middle of major life ruts. He works hard to assist them with the processes of transforming existences for good. Stout tries to assist people who are coping with professional difficulties. He also aims to assist people who are dealing with interpersonal matters of all kinds.

Stout is the kind of person who emphasizes the importance of wellness and health. That’s the number one reason he has such a zeal for healthy weight practices. He also has a zeal for volunteer work. IDLife is headquartered in Frisco in Texas. The company’s staff members, as a result, were devastated to witness the consequences of Hurricane Harvey. That’s precisely why Stout made the decision to offer support to the people who had to deal with the massive natural disaster. The people who worked for IDLife gave these individuals useful supplies that could help them get their lives back on track. Hurricane Harvey was extremely destructive to the people of Texas. Stout wanted to do anything in his power to turn things around.

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Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Mr. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, has had an incredible run within the meat industry, steadily rising to the top over the past five decades. While Mr. Lavin has seen an unprecedented amount of success in the meat industry, he got his start in the business world dealing with a very different set of clientele. Prior to 1970, Mr. Lavin was a very successful businessman, generating the majority of his income as an executive and investor in the banking industry, while also heading his own financial advisement firm. Today he is known for his working relationship with McDonald’s Corporation.

It was in 1970 that Mr. Lavin began his initial foray in the meat industry when he was hired to secure funding for the Otto and Son’s corporation. In securing proper funding, Otto and Son’s would be able to build a new meat processing facility in order to become the midwestern distributor for McDonald’s corporation. While the deal was being constructed, the bank asked Mr. Lavin to come aboard with Otto and Son’s due to his unique financial background.

Initially, Mr. Lavin declined to join Otto and Son’s but negotiated a caveat which stated that if he were ever to change his mind, he would be able to take the position originally offered. By the middle of the 1970’s, Mr. Lavin had become significantly more involved with Otto and Son’s, which at this point in his career, had already been rebranded OSI Group. Soon a position opened up and Mr. Lavin took advantage of the original offer after it was suggested by McDonald’s Corporation that his joining the company would be beneficial to their working relationship with OSI Group. It was during the 1980’s that Mr. Lavin really began to place his mark on the company, expanding OSI Group to a myriad of new territories, including South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan. Today, at the age of 81, Mr. Lavin is still very involved in the daily operations of OSI Group and continues to contribute generously to various charities around the world.

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The CEO of JustFab, Don Ressler Has History of Success

For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off


When your company just got valued at $1 billion, you probably have some skill in business. And this is certainly the case with Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of JustFab, a fashion e-commerce business that focuses on subscription retail products like shoes, hats, and more.

In fact, Don Ressler showed even more determination and vision when he brought a fashion icon on board to help him run the company. Kimora Lee Simmons, the wife of music mogul Russell Simmons, is now the president and the creative director of the brand. And they already have millions of members, making it one of the fastest growing fashion companies in the world.

Ressler doesn’t stop there though. And his pipeline is deep in terms of the kinds of brands he has built. Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty (originally called Brand Ideas) in order to leverage multiple markets in the fashion world and beauty. They also have created Fabletics which has Kate Hudson as the face of the brand.

And one of the ways in which Ressler is innovating is through DERMASTORE, his e-commerce marketplace for cosmetics and skin care. In addition, another brand falls under the Intelligent Beauty umbrella called SENSA , which helps people achieve their weight loss goals. Both of the companies are also doing well and profitable, having millions of subscribing members.

Don Ressler also knows how to put funds together for his companies. In fact he raised over $70 million for JustFab, which helped grow their operations. And of course  Ressler raised funds from investors like Matrix Partners for SENSA and DERMASTORE. It’s quite rare to find such a successful, fast growing brand and smart CEO outside of Silicon Valley.

But Don Ressler has been at it for a while. He originally founded his own company, FitnessHeaven.com, and sold it off to Intermix, where he later became the CEO. Don Ressler also met his future business partner there. His co-CEO of the modern companies is Adam Goldenberg, and the pair have proved effective in multiple marketplaces.

They created their own media company called Alena Media and sold it to News Corp for a healthy sum, as it was a profit center. However, they didn’t feel it was getting the attention it deserved, and decided to start a new venture. So they went into the world of performance marketing and direct to consumer selling. This combination of wit and determination has brought them to this point of success.

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A Creative And Innovative Individual

Darius Fisher is someone who comes up with all of the good business ideas. As a result, he has brought forth his company Status Labs to higher levels of success. This has been achieved even with the obstacle of a scandal. This has prompted him to make some radical changes in the company and how it relates to customers. He has also made changes to how employees are treated. In this case, the company has become a very healthy place to work for. Among other things, he has provided optimized content in order to regain the trust and the standing of the company.

Darius Fisher has looked for ways to make sure the employees are satisfied. He understands that if the employees are happy with their job, they will be more likely to do a lot of good work for the company. Among the things that Darius Fisher does for his employees is to recognize what they do right. He has also given them compliments on what they do that is helpful to the company. He also motivates them with goals so that they can work harder for the company. He also encourages a more collaborative workforce as opposed to a competitive workforce.

Given Darius’s sense of what works in business, he has earned the title of Business Development Individual of the Year. He and his company is centered around the objective of helping others achieve their goals. He is also very helpful when it comes to managing crises for clients that are potential fatal. A lot of clients that would’ve had to resign to their fate have been given a second chance with the help of Darius Fisher. He has also provided them with advice on what to do in order to avoid another potentially fatal scandal. Darius will continue to provide services to business owners and other people that find themselves in a jam.

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Andy Wirth Unveils Plans to Connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley

Last year in an interview with Power Magazine, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth, indicated plans to connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. Previously, both resorts operated as distinct entities boasting of varying cultures. However, the same owners of Squaw Valley acquired Alpine Meadows in a bid to unite the two different mountains into one large iconic ski resort.

Base-to-Base Gondola

Through Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings indicated that the plans to connect both resorts would include a base-to-base Gondola that would work in three sections or parts. The three sections would consist of the bottom of Squaw Valley, the ridge between the two mountains and the bottom of Alpine Meadows.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings expects the Gondola to make a significant impact to Snowboarders as well as Skiers since it would eliminate the need to move to either of the two resorts to ski each mountain.

Wirth credited Wayne Poulsen, founder of Squaw Valley, as the visionary behind the connection idea. Upon the completion of the gondola, Wirth indicated plans to continue the ongoing process to promote the quality of service, experience and product.

Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth, born on July 25, 1963, currently serves as the CEO and president of one of the top ski resorts in Olympic Valley, CA, the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He kick-started his prosperous career at Steamboat Springs Resort, where he served numerous marking roles before being promoted to chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest after acquiring Steamboat in 2007.  Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.powder.com/tag/andy-wirth/

Andy Wirth later moved to Squaw Valley whereby he took over from Nancy Cushing, the former President and CEO. Apart from serving on the Reno Tahoe Airport Board of Trustees as the Chairman, he is also the President and Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation.

Squaw Valley is located North of California’s Lake Tahoe. In 1960, it served as the host of the Winter Olympics. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings both Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows. The two resorts provide more than 6000 acres of skiable terrain for ski enthusiasts.

Duda Melzer Completes His Journey To Becoming The Leader Of RBS Group

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky laid the foundation for one of the best known media companies in Brazil when he established the RBS Group; by 2016, the RBS Group has grown to take in around 18 TV affiliates, two radio stations, and a number of news outlets. The Sirotsky family have managed to maintain their control of the RBS Group in an age when it is common for media companies to become part of even larger global corporations. 2016 saw the third generation of the Sirotsky family take control of the company when Nelson Sirotsky handed over the role of Executive President to his nephew Duda Melzer.

Maintaining the link to the Sirotsky family is obviously an aspect of the RBS Group that remains important to all those involved in both this well known family and the company itself. The ceremony to handover the leadership of the company to Duda Melzer was broadcast live to over 6,000 employees and included an emotional speech by the new Executive President of RBS Group. In the speech Melzer explained the debt he owed his grandfather and founder of the RBS group, Mauricio Sirotsky.

The influence of Mauricio Sirotsky on the life of Duda Melzer cannot be underestimated as Duda Melzer has always looked to lead his own life and find his own path through the business world. Much like Mauricio Sirotsky did when he established the RBS Group at a time when the media was in its early years, Duda Melzer has looked to become an expert in the latest technologies that can be used to develop the RBS Group as a leading media company for the future.

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Mark USA Launches Marketing Sparks

Marc Sparks is a famous entrepreneur from the United States of America. He resides in Texas. At the moment, he has several companies under his name.

He has a special interest in the profitable telecommunication industry, and for some time now, he has been part of the Splash Media. Mark Sparks is also the leader of Timber Creek Capital. Before joining the telecommunication industry, Mark Sparks was working in the real estate industry.

One of the companies he owns, known as Mark USA recently decided to launch a brand new program that would be giving start-up businesses a chance to work with the marketing professionals. Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595 and http://sparktankdfw.com/

Mark USA is one of the largest advertising companies in Pittsburgh. The new program will be known as Marketing Sparks, and it benefits many entrepreneurs.

The program will include three hours sessions where the entrepreneurs can come up with strategic and some tactical and business ideas that will help them achieve success at the end of the day.

In the past, there have been some marketing and communication programs in other places such as Boston, and they have proved that if these skills are introduced early enough in the business, they will be able to attract more customers, investors and even more employees.

The new program will be launched to benefit the entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh. This is a place with so many start-up companies.

To make sure that the program is successful Mark Sparks has taken the initiative of recruiting experts in the industry.

These experts have specialized in strategy, research, public relations, digital and media. Some of them are employees of the company while others are from different agencies and businesses.

Marc has recruited a diverse pool of experts in strategy, public relations, creative, research, digital and media from not only its own staff but other agencies and local businesses.

According to the president of Marks USA, the new program has received a lot of support since it was launched. The first company to join the program is known as PNC, and they have chosen to volunteer three marketing leads from the institution.

The winners from a special program known as Randall Family Big Idea Competition will be the first to have the Marketing Sparks.

This competition belongs to one of the universities in the city. The winners will be given different prizes, and they will also have an opportunity to go to the marketing Sparks. However, the date has not yet been disclosed.

Marc Sparks is also believed to be very active in philanthropic activities, especially in his home area, Dallas. He was part of the Samaritan Inn, a very popular homeless shelter that has been existing since the eighties.

The homeless shelter has always had a special place for people in the community, and it has always tried its best to give back to the community. He has also constructed homes for different people.

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