Adam Milstein’s Journey in Real Estate Investment

Adam Milstein is a bold humanitarian, real estate stakeholder and community president. He was born in Israel He worked at IDF at the time of Yom Kippur War. In 1978he graduated from the University of Tehnion. He arrived in the United State in the year 1981.He pursued MBA from USC and started a career in Commissary Real Estate in 1983 in Southern California. Adam is a managing associate in a private commissary real estate company called Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is the head chairman and co-founder of Israel America Council. He also operates on the board of various companies like Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, and Stand with Us and many others. He has a wife called Gila. Richard and the wife have a company called Sifriyat Pijama BAmerica. It offers free Hebrew book to Israel-Jewish-American families living in the United States.

In a recent interview, Adam stated that he developed the idea of starting Hager Pacific Properties while he was pursuing his MBA in USC. Adam said that before he graduated many individuals went to the university employing people. He noticed that they did not appreciate his life encounters and knowledge. This is because they were paying him less money than what they were offering to the undergraduate students. Adam Milstein decided to be independent, and he began operating as Real Estate commissary agent. He said that after three years of being a broker he became a stakeholder in real estate.

Adam says that, when one starts a business, one does not know how the day will turn out to be like. He stated that being in philanthropy makes his days more memorable and satisfying. Adam pushes ideas until they become real. Milstein believes that is someone else can do something, and then even he can also do it. He says that he follows ideas daily and he does not let anything to interfere with them.

The philanthropist is consistent, persistent and always follows up with activites. Through that it has made him more productive as an entrepreneur. Adam states that one thing he does over and over as an entrepreneur is to understand an issue or by himself. He advises other entrepreneurs to be understand the issues and be part of the solution.


Logan Stout Cares About Humanity

The United States is a nation that has a serious issue with excessive weight. There are countless American citizens who are either obese or overweight. The majority of fully grown adults who reside in the nation fit into one of those categories. People are constantly trying to take action regarding their weight. People want to look and feel better. They also want to reap the rewards that are associated with healthy weight. Excessive weight has the ability to make people a lot more susceptible to a range of serious health concerns. Heart disease is a major example.

Logan Stout is the head of a nutritional supplement and wellness firm that’s called IDLife. It specializes in dietary supplements that can help users in a variety of key ways. These supplements can aid people who want to shed pounds safely. They can aid those who want to strengthen their metabolisms and gain more energy. They can even aid individuals who are enthusiastic about bettering immune systems. Stout is a dedicated entrepreneur who used to be a professional athlete. He’s done so many noteworthy things throughout his long career as well. People respect Stout for a vast assortment of reasons. They know him as a capable coach, first and foremost. He’s more than a coach, too. He’s a talented businessman, motivational speaker and writer. He strives to assist people who are in the middle of major life ruts. He works hard to assist them with the processes of transforming existences for good. Stout tries to assist people who are coping with professional difficulties. He also aims to assist people who are dealing with interpersonal matters of all kinds.

Stout is the kind of person who emphasizes the importance of wellness and health. That’s the number one reason he has such a zeal for healthy weight practices. He also has a zeal for volunteer work. IDLife is headquartered in Frisco in Texas. The company’s staff members, as a result, were devastated to witness the consequences of Hurricane Harvey. That’s precisely why Stout made the decision to offer support to the people who had to deal with the massive natural disaster. The people who worked for IDLife gave these individuals useful supplies that could help them get their lives back on track. Hurricane Harvey was extremely destructive to the people of Texas. Stout wanted to do anything in his power to turn things around.

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Anthony Petrello- Successive CEO supporting a good cause

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of the Nabors Industries Ltd, a natural gas and oil drilling company. Nabors Industries is located in the Texas United States. Anthony Petrello or popularly known as Tony Petrello is the man who has been driving this company up to the point it now the largest drilling firm in the world. Tony Petrello is not only knowns for his role as the business executive of Nabors, he is known for being a great philanthropist who has been spearheading a cause that will see thousands of children who suffer from neurological disorders access better medical care than is currently available. Anthony Petrello has been supporting the Neurological Research Center which is found at the Texas Children Hospital.

Tony Petrello is the biggest financier of the Research Centre having contributed $5 million in personal donations. He has also promised to have another $2 million added to the Research Centre at a later date. Together with his wife Cynthia. They have been dedicated to the cause because it is a cause that is personal to them. Their daughter called Carena is suffering from neurological disorder which has paralyzed his life. She can hardly manage to do anything that involves movement of body muscles such as chewing, talking or walking.

Anthony Petrello has been to almost any good hospital in the world but he has not been able to secure good treatment for his daughter. After going around the globe, he realized what is lacking is research in this medical field. He, therefore, decided that instead of lamenting about the unavailability of a medical Centre to do this research, he decided to partner with the Texas Children Hospital which would help him come with solutions to the problems that faces Carena and other children in the world.

The efforts of Anthony Petrello seems to be working as the Neurological Centre have been set up and recruited top doctors and surgeons who will research on the medical treatment of the neurological disorders which affect children.

Anthony Petrello and his wife have been supporting this initiative by encouraging donors to contribute towards the cause while at the same time talking to parents of children who are suffering from neurological diseases encouraging them to keep hope that a solution will be found that will solve the medical problems that their children are facing Despite being a top business executive, Anthony Petrello have switched much attention to this cause.

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Unrelenting Dedication has Driven Omar Yunes to Become the Best Franchisee on the Globe

The food industry is arguably one of the most crowded industries in any country. This is especially true for Mexico where thousands of food business compete for the close to 130 million mouths in the country. The competitiveness of the industry is complicated by the fact that many are quite particular about the foods they consume. As such, negative customer reviews can lead to significant reductions in business for food outlets. Despite these market conditions, Omar Yunes has managed to not only survive but also thrive. After joining the industry at the aged 21 as a franchisee for Japanese brand Sushi Itto, he has grown his business to 13 outlets today.

Omar Yunes effective management of the 13 franchise units under his control saw him announced the winner of the Best Franchisee in the World Award for 2016. It is also worth noting that he had been named the winner of the national version held in Mexico the year earlier. By virtue of winning the global award, Omar Yunes is considered one of the most competent entrepreneurs in the world at contributing towards franchisors’ brand values and competitiveness. Sushi Itto management was quite happy with his win as it brought increased awareness to the Japanese brand. When receiving the award, Omar Yunes made sure to dedicate the award to his 400 employees, showing the close-knit manner in which he runs his businesses.

In addition to obvious business and leadership skills, Omar Yunes possesses a unique set of soft skills that have facilitated his rise to the top of the global franchising scene. Yunes is blessed with considerable self-drive that has enabled him to business decisions many would have considered too risky. Additionally, he has remained down to earth and humble despite his considerable success over the years.

With the popularity of the franchising growing in Mexico, Omar Yunes’s influence in the Mexico business scene is set to increase in the coming years significantly. Having gone into the franchise business at the tender age of 21, Yunes has many lessons to offer those in Mexico’s franchising industry.