Anthony Petrello- Successive CEO supporting a good cause

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of the Nabors Industries Ltd, a natural gas and oil drilling company. Nabors Industries is located in the Texas United States. Anthony Petrello or popularly known as Tony Petrello is the man who has been driving this company up to the point it now the largest drilling firm in the world. Tony Petrello is not only knowns for his role as the business executive of Nabors, he is known for being a great philanthropist who has been spearheading a cause that will see thousands of children who suffer from neurological disorders access better medical care than is currently available. Anthony Petrello has been supporting the Neurological Research Center which is found at the Texas Children Hospital.

Tony Petrello is the biggest financier of the Research Centre having contributed $5 million in personal donations. He has also promised to have another $2 million added to the Research Centre at a later date. Together with his wife Cynthia. They have been dedicated to the cause because it is a cause that is personal to them. Their daughter called Carena is suffering from neurological disorder which has paralyzed his life. She can hardly manage to do anything that involves movement of body muscles such as chewing, talking or walking.

Anthony Petrello has been to almost any good hospital in the world but he has not been able to secure good treatment for his daughter. After going around the globe, he realized what is lacking is research in this medical field. He, therefore, decided that instead of lamenting about the unavailability of a medical Centre to do this research, he decided to partner with the Texas Children Hospital which would help him come with solutions to the problems that faces Carena and other children in the world.

The efforts of Anthony Petrello seems to be working as the Neurological Centre have been set up and recruited top doctors and surgeons who will research on the medical treatment of the neurological disorders which affect children.

Anthony Petrello and his wife have been supporting this initiative by encouraging donors to contribute towards the cause while at the same time talking to parents of children who are suffering from neurological diseases encouraging them to keep hope that a solution will be found that will solve the medical problems that their children are facing Despite being a top business executive, Anthony Petrello have switched much attention to this cause.

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Professional Accomplishment of Talent Recruiting Expert Julie Zuckerberg

Today, organizations around the world are searching for the best talents to hire. Most of these companies rely on the services rendered by executive talent recruitment experts to find the right candidates to recruit. Julie Zuckerberg is an executive talent recruiter based in New York. She has worked for different companies, serving different roles. Currently, Julie works at Deutsche Bank serving as both the executive recruiter and vice president. She collaborates with other leaders in various sectors in the financial and banking industry, and assist them to recruit top talents from a range of professionals in her database.


Professional Background


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson serving as the director of candidate placement from 2002 to 2007. At this company, she was involved in the recruitment of various professionals including lawyers, case managers and paralegals for other large and small organization. In addition, Julie’s clients relied on her expertise to offer workplace conflict resolution service. She left Hudson and started to work at Citi Global Functions. She served as both the Vice President and Executive Recruiter.


At Citi Global Functions, Julie helped several companies to recruit senior level employees in different fields such as legal, auditing and compliance. In fact, she was responsible for recruiting MD of CitiCards, a service provided by Citi Global Functions, and the Director of Citi Global, a leading marketing company. She relied on innovative ideas like employee referral, online search, direct sourcing and also social media during recruitment process. She remained at the company until 2011 when she moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank.


From November 2013 to February 2014, Julie Zuckerberg worked at a life insurance company in NY. Julie joined Deutsche Bank in 2015, and was in charge of collaborating with other executives from Global Technology, Commercial Clients, Operations and Private Wealth to enhance the process of talent acquisition. Julie manages a team of highly talented professional recruiters. She is highly recognized in the industry because of her ability, potential, and outstanding skills in leadership. Julie’s tech skills has separated her from her competitors.


Julie’s Hobbies and Interests


When Julie Zuckerberg is not in her office recruiting talents, she could be jogging, doing photography, improving her tech skills. She embraces arts and culture, supports economic empowerment initiatives, and she is very concerned about animals’ welfare. During her leisure time, Julie participates in charitable causes in her neighborhood. Although she is not an active social media user, Julie can be found on Linkedln and Twitter. Julie Zuckerberg is a resident of Manhattan, New York.


Julie’s Education History


For one to have a very successful career he/she must have good education. Julie Zuckerberg studied at the City University of New York and graduated with a degree in philosophy. She advanced her studies at New York Law School and earned JD. Her interests in joining recruitment industry started early where she was training others how to acquire and manage talents. Some of her professional qualifications include employee training, conflict resolution, succession planning, interviewing skills and elite sourcing.



An Overview of Sawyer Howitt’s Rise in the Business World

Sawyer Howitt is a young business entrepreneur who currently is in second semester senior in Lincoln High school. He works at the Meriwether Group. Meriwether is a social firm, founded by his father, which mentors upcoming business enthusiast. Despite being a mere high school student, Sawyer Howitt is already established in the business world. Despite being the founder and the CEO of the company, Sawyer Howitt’s father has put enormous trust in his capability to make significant decisions of the firm. The young business enthusiast is not only known for his dedication to the company, but also for molding other young business persons to achieve their dreams.

From a young age, Sawyer Howitt admired his father’s commitment and hard work in business. He mastered financial and operational needs of an enterprise, how to connect and resonate with the consumers and applied these skills combined with his creativity to drive his success. The experience and exposure he enjoys from working with Meriwether Group, has molded him into an all-around business manager. He learnt how to take notes in significant meetings, nuanced presentations, and how to carry himself around key people in the industry.

For more information on Sawyer Howitt, read his blog.

Contributions at Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group works with different companies from startups to international brands to assist them in accelerating their brands. Sawyer Howitt started working at the company in 2015 as the Strategy Analysts. His roles included expansion of RFID checkout solutions to retail stores. Early this year, Sawyer Howitt was promoted to the position of the project manager. His role is to implement advanced technology solutions for the retail business, which is instrumental in commerce.

More on Sawyer Howitt: A Look at the New Technologies That Can Have An Impact on Love Event in the Near Future




The Life and Career of Julie Zuckerberg

The good experience that Julie Zuckerberg has can be explained by the education that she acquired when she was a young girl. Julie is a graduate of New York Law School with a degree in Law and City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy. The good education and work experience have helped her acquire various skills that include executive search, team leadership, talent acquisition and talent management. She has also proven herself as an asset on other issues such as human resources, employee training, interviewing skills, coaching and executive staffing. She also has proven records when it comes to conflict resolution, onboarding and succession planning.


Over the year, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to work for the best companies in the United States and has held various positions. Soon after college, she acquired a job as the director of candidate placement with the Hudson Company. She worked with this company from November 2002 to October 2007. Some of the roles that she undertook with this company include recruitment of case managers, paralegals, and attorneys. She was also charged with supporting staff for temporary and permanent positions with some of the clients of the company. It was her responsibility at the Hudson to brief new employees about their benefits, working conditions and the opportunities that were available at the company. She developed her conflict resolution skills here as she was in charge of solving work problems at this company. She simply carried out coaching and employee counseling at his company.


When opportunities came knocking, Julie changed places of work and started working for the Citi company. She worked for this company for six years and took several positions that came with different responsibilities. As the executive recruiter of the Citi Global Consumer Bank, her responsibilities included advising the top management on the recruitment strategies they would use as well as advise them on competitive markets. She was also responsible for advising the management on the compensation and talent trends within the job market. Other responsibilities included being the lead negotiator for the company in complex job offers that arose. Some of these offers include equity buyouts, relocation, deferred awards, and clawbacks. She was also supposed to be in charge of global talent recruitment for the company. Finally, in this position, it was her responsibility to take care of the retained search firms that consisted of candidate vetting, fee negotiation, and firm selection. With the Citi Global Functions where he was an executive recruiter, Julie was supposed to counsel hiring managers on the positions that were available. She also created the job descriptions and was also responsible for succession planning.


Currently, Julie works for the Deutsche Bank. She has worked with the firm for some years now. She is the experienced hire recruiting lead at the firm. Some of her responsibilities include counseling the leadership about several issues such as hiring governance and recruiting practices that the company can implement. She is also responsible for providing strategic direction for the company and other supporting roles like coaching recruiters and supporting recruiting coordinators.



Reputation Management Grows Up

A high school student’s reputation can fluctuate daily based on one person’s opinion. A reputation could be forever altered by popular opinion and by the time the student learned what was being said it was too late to intervene. Not much has changed since high school, but now we can envision a way to avoid the damage.

What is Online Reputation Management?

 Online Reputation Defender services monitor the reputation of businesses (or individuals.) Social media platforms provide open forums for information, good or bad, that can infiltrate the masses and ultimately damage or help your business. An ORM service can look out for you and circumvent a crisis from happening or to be there if crisis response if necessary. ORM allows you to spend your time doing what you do best: managing your business. ORM lets someone else manage existing comments or reviews and helps you with brand management.

ORM in the News

Information regarding shopping for an ORM service and what to look for is readily available. AllBusiness gives practical advice on what to look for when managing your online reputation. Here you can learn how to manage your online reputation. Business News Daily shares the companies with the best ORM services for specific needs. A little research can help a business owner determine what to look for in a service and help him or her to know their online perception and if their brand marketing is effective.

Knowing what people are saying about your business (or you) is longer a luxury. The prevalence of digital networking is equivalent to the high school bully who slammed your reputation in math class. An ORM service would have seen it coming or quickly intervene to bring your reputation back to where it belongs.


Investing in the world- Malini Saba

Before “globalization” became a trending topic, there was Malini Saba. Malini wasn’t born a global investor and philanthropist nor did she come from a background where those titles were handed to her. Coming from a middle class family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and moving to Australia where she grew up, Malini fought against the odds as a young woman and made her impression upon the world wide investment community.


Moving to the United States with only $200 in her pocket, poverty would not prevent Malini from finding her calling in life. Marriage to a Stanford student allowed her to attend classes for free and her drive for success led to her making connections within the investment community. Obtaining her PhD in Psychology was only a step in her path towards becoming a multi-millionaire by the age of thirty four.


Making her impression on the Silicon Valley venture capitalist scene during the 1990s, Malini used her extensive experience in investments to help in the success of many companies such as Sycamore Networks, Inc., PayPal Inc. and Netscreen Technologies, Inc., all with phenomenal results. With the founding of Saban, which has had or retains investment interests globally such as technology companies in the US, oil and gas in China, and real estate in Australia and India, Malini cemented her position as one of South Asia’s most successful investors.


Firmly established as a force in the community, Malini Saba could focus her energy toward more philanthropic arenas and begin helping those in need, a passion close to her heart.

With the creation of “Stree: Global Investments in Women” in 2001, Malini gave life to a non-profit organization aimed at changing the way low-income and at-risk women and children worldwide see themselves and their roles in society. Aimed at providing access to healthcare, legal empowerment and a forum for grassroots movements to connect with public policy in Africa, Central America, India and Eastern Europe, Stree gained global attention and was inaugurated by former US President Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor.

In 2005 Malini again stepped up to the plate by helping to get the worlds first Heart Research Center for South Asians started in Mountain View, CA by donating $1 million dollars. Then again by pledging $10 million to the victims of Tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka and India.


A Creative And Innovative Individual

Darius Fisher is someone who comes up with all of the good business ideas. As a result, he has brought forth his company Status Labs to higher levels of success. This has been achieved even with the obstacle of a scandal. This has prompted him to make some radical changes in the company and how it relates to customers. He has also made changes to how employees are treated. In this case, the company has become a very healthy place to work for. Among other things, he has provided optimized content in order to regain the trust and the standing of the company.

Darius Fisher has looked for ways to make sure the employees are satisfied. He understands that if the employees are happy with their job, they will be more likely to do a lot of good work for the company. Among the things that Darius Fisher does for his employees is to recognize what they do right. He has also given them compliments on what they do that is helpful to the company. He also motivates them with goals so that they can work harder for the company. He also encourages a more collaborative workforce as opposed to a competitive workforce.

Given Darius’s sense of what works in business, he has earned the title of Business Development Individual of the Year. He and his company is centered around the objective of helping others achieve their goals. He is also very helpful when it comes to managing crises for clients that are potential fatal. A lot of clients that would’ve had to resign to their fate have been given a second chance with the help of Darius Fisher. He has also provided them with advice on what to do in order to avoid another potentially fatal scandal. Darius will continue to provide services to business owners and other people that find themselves in a jam.

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Investment Industry Leader: Helane Morrison of Hall Capital

Helane Morrison is associated with Hall Capital. Hall Capital, located in San Francisco, is considered to be one of the most successful investment companies in the state of California. A unique feature of Hall Capital is that the firm is run completely by women.

Morrison is the managing director, chief counsel as well as the compliance officer for Hall Capital. She joined Hall Capital in 2007.

Prior to joining the team at Hall Capital, Morrison oversaw the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. She was the head of the San Francisco office from 1999 to 2007. The San Francisco office was responsible for SEC oversight in northern California and in five states in the Northwest. These included Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, as well as northern Nevada. She was charged with overseeing compliance with securities law and regulation and fraud litigation.

During her tenure with the SEC, Morrison garnered a reputation for being tenacious and going after Fortune 500 executives from wrongdoing, including individuals that previously seemed immune from governmental scrutiny. She also aggressively provided assistance to senior citizens who were defrauded by unscrupulous companies and individuals.

Morrison attended Northwestern University in Chicago. She graduated with a BS degree in journalism. She went on to obtain a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. While in law school, she served as the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review.

Hall Capital has over $24 billion in assets. The firm manages investments for some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the United States.

After completing law school, Morrison served as a law clerk for Judge Richard Posen of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh District. beginning in 1984. She then went on to clerk of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun from 1985 into 1986.

After her stints at the two major federal courts, Helane Morrison joined the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She was at the firm for a decade, leaving in 1996, when she joined the SEC. She became a partner in the firm in 1991. Her focus at the firm was business litigation, including defense of private securities actions.

Kyle Bass Predicting No Crash In American Financial Sector

China will have financial difficulty, the presidential race in the US is not as complicated as everyone thinks, and the US economic system is not going to fail. Kyle Bass offers these insights into the world markets and domestic doings in an interview with Business Insider. He correctly predicted the 2008 collapse that caused havoc in the financial sector, but does not see any of the same indicators now.

Weighing in on the situation he does feel that China will need to do some reorganizing of its banking and financial systems.

One reason for this is the fact that too many people are now investing in gold. There is a stabilization effect with these types of investments. There will be no big rush on the banks for people to get their cash out. It is already stashed in their homes in the form of precious metals, specifically gold.

Bass may have awesome foresight into the present markets, but in the past he has made some very shady choices. these choices have left him on the wrong side of many ethical based situations. His associations with big wigs in Argentina definitely left a sour taste in many financial experts mouths as he was willing to seemingly do whatever was asked of him.

Some other situations left him blaming victims and siding with big business. In one such situation his idea was to blame and then charge victims for being harmed by specific products. Bass is surely not the best individual to trust one many matters, but his ability to accurately forecast market conditions is still remarkable.

He also comments on how he feels that liberal politics have caused many different rifts within the American system. For instance drug prices continue to rise, but ways to pay for those drugs has not been figured out. Liberal politics appears to favor the companies and corporations, but then leave everyone else holding the bag.

His interview was quite enlightening when dealing with the financial sector. Maybe we will be safe from a crash of our markets and a panic among the comon people. Although experts do not seem to hold the same optimism as he does.

Talk Fusion From Humble Beginnings To Global Mammoth

With direct selling business’s fast becoming the easiest way for the average person to succeed financially in todays economy we realize the potential of having a good product to market. Talk Fusion makes this a very easy sale. It has become the simplest way to kill several birds with one stone. One software package with many different application solutions. More than most users will need. Business’s cannot exist without a easy way to promote their product, brand or image. Talk Fusion makes this possible through video media and is the reason for their global success in the video communication segment. They have managed to make a simple solution that fits all needs whilst staying extremely affordable.

Talk Fusion pride itself in following the direct selling associations code of ethics and fair business practices. This allows the customer to be at ease when using the software, knowing that they are in the best hands possible when it comes to a complete video communication solution. Previously software was bulky, difficult to use, expensive to buy and too big too download. This has all been put in the past as Talk Fusion is optimized for todays user. The user of the 21st century demands that software is simple yet still as versatile as possible. Dr. Jonathan Chen who was the programmer of the first video email application made the impossible possible. Embedding a video into email in 2004 was simply impossible. A software had not been written and so made it impossible to accomplish. Thanks to the innovative minds Bob Reina and Dr. Chen this is a story of the past.

Talk Fusion comes in one complete software package addressing video communications across all media. Email, chat and newsletters can now be tailored to the customers needs with the help of the Talk Fusion CONNECT suite available on the official website or through a personal retailer.

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