The Future of Podcasting Is In Good Hands Thanks To Norman Pattiz

Beyond the Darkness is a new podcast announced by Norman Pattiz who is the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Featuring interesting conversations with world-famous researchers into the world of the unknown, Beyond the Darkness will make you re-think everything you ever thought you knew about the subject. Dave Schrader, author and radio personality is the host along with radio producer and host, Tim Dennis. This podcast promises to keep your attention from the first moment to the last, and then leave you waiting for the next one.


Pattiz says that Chris Jericho of the WWE is considered one of the masters of the PodcastOne network, and when Chris began the Jericho Network Collection everyone knew it would be about more than wrestling. Jericho began with comedians and now moves into the area of the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness. As Jericho himself says he is excited and maybe just a little “creeped out” over the whole idea but clearly it’s a winner already. Schrader and Dennis are both leaders in the paranormal broadcasting world and their fans will follow them anywhere, including into Beyond the Darkness.


PodcastOne is the leading advertiser-supported business in the nations podcast network and currently hosts over 200 of the most popular shows of today such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, and Barstool Sports among many others. Norman Pattiz’s business savvy has put him way in front of the pack in a very competitive business. Westwood One, founded by Pattiz, has grown to be one of largest radio networks in the country providing news, sports, talk, entertainment, and traffic programming. With his drive and ambition for the future, watching this mans career path should be very interesting.


In addition to the broadcasting industry, Pattiz serves as regent of the University of California and as Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He has membership on the Council of Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations. Truly, a well-rounded resume but perhaps his personal motto explains his success. According to Pattiz, the recipe to get ahead in this world is to be the first one at work in the morning, and the last one to leave at night. Stay busy, stay engaged and don’t let the passion die.


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MB2 Dental Leads The Way

MB2 Dental has a unique approach to doing business and running a dental practice simultaneously.


The MB2 Dental Practice is made up of over 70 locations in 6 different states, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Tennessee.


The mission statement of MB2 Dental stresses that affiliated professionals or owners will have the advantage of working with business professionals who will give guidance, knowledge and personalized systems that will allow the owners to spend more time running their dental practice while the business division of the practice takes care of that area.


The breadth of the services that are available is impressive. Experts in the areas of human resources, finance, accounting, payroll, IT, collections and billing, marketing, credentialing, compliance, recruiting, training, business development, and procurement are just some of the areas are included.


All of these areas are essential for any business, but most small businesses never have the opportunity to include them all, and especially not a busy dental practice. Now with MB2 Dental, all of these services can be operated separately from the actual time spent doing dentistry and the result is a better overall business operation and more time for better dentistry.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, the innovator and founder of MB2 Dental in 2009 felt that the difficulties for dentists in wearing all of the hats required to be a good dentist and run a successful business at the same time was counter-productive. In many cases, just running a dental as a practice, just got in the way of being a good dentist.


Dr. Villanueva just had the desire to come up with a way combining the best of both worlds and this is how MB2 Dental was initiated. The idea of helping dentists to get back to what they loved to do, that is being good dentists, could come about if a solution could be found to handle the business aspects of a dental practice separately, but in an accountable manner.


This meant that qualified professions would need to be hired and a team of experts in the various business fields would need to come on board. This resulted in experienced professionals in accounting, legal, practice management, real estate, IT, Marketing, Human Resources, and business development would have to be added to the team.


Consequently, dentists to wish to expand the scope of their dental practice now have the opportunity to do so with proven methods without all of the tension and worry of having to concentrate on all of that themselves.


The future looks bright as the testimonies and accolades pour in from the 70 dentists already involved. As the MB2 Dental becomes more well-known, it is obvious that more dentists will be joining for sure.




How Does The US Money Reserve Promote Gold Ownership And Investment?

Gold ownership and investment is quite an important item for everyone investor, and it may become the most stable investment made in a portfolio. Gold coins are quite a lot of fun to collect, and they are beautiful in their design. This article explains how the US Money Reserve has placed itself in the position of gold coin purveyor, investment advisor and collector’s best friend. A collection of gold coins may become the pride and joy of the family, or it may be a means to an end when the coins are sold.


#1: What Is The US Money Reserve?


The US Money Reserve is a full-service gold imprinting and production company run by a former director of the US Mint. The company creates a catalog of coins for sale every year, and they produce designs that are exciting for collectors. A collector who uses their coins properly will quite enjoy looking at their coins every day even if they are not sold. The coins have value, and they may be sold at any time.


#2: How Are Coins Sold?


Coins in the US Money Reserve catalog are sold for their face value, and they have a gold weight that may be measured at any time. Each coin has a design that will retain a certain value, and collectors may pay a premium on the designs. The design may rise in value if they become rare, and new coins come out every year that may have a design deemed to be special.


#3: When Should Coins Be Sold?


Coins may be sold at any time, and the value is quite simple to calculate. Owners will find it quite exciting to determine the value of their coins, and they must ensure they understand how much the coins are worth at the exact moment of the sale. They may sell on weight, or they may sell at a premium to another collector. Collectors often hold their collections until retirement, or the collections may be passed down through the generations.


The US Money Reserve is a powerful outfit that creates gold coins cast to perfection for every new buyer. The company has built a reputation for building coins that are lovely, valuable and easy to trade. The coins may become a family keepsake, or they may be used as an investment tool. Selling at the right time will ensure the best results for each collector.

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Lovaganza Seeks Global Success With The Release Of A Movie Trilogy

The Lovaganza Foundation has set a firm date for the start of its traveling show and trilogy of films that will lead up to the global event that will publicize the aims of this worthy foundation. Under the leadership of filmmaker J.P. Gagnon the Lovaganza Foundation will set out on a traveling show that will allow people around the world to enjoy the excitement of a unique screening experience as they learn more about the different cultures of the world and how we can all live in peace. The success of the productions of Lovaganza will lead to a large amount of funding for programs designed to help achieve the overall aims of the group, which include raising the standard of life for children across the planet.

Over the course of recent Lovaganza has embarked upon an ambitious schedule that sees the first three movies in a trilogy of films being produced at once, which will lead up to the 2018 release of “Follow Your Sunshine” on The movie has been in production around the world as Lovaganza looks to bring its story of a reporter investigating a mysterious traveling show that brings happiness to the world as a young priest looks to explain his view of the eternal happiness to the world. Following the release of “Follow Your Sunshine” the second installment, “The Prophecy” will be released in 2019, and be followed by “The New World” in 2020. See:

The movies will form the basis of Lovaganza’s own traveling show that will bring a big screen viewing experience known as Immerscope to viewers around the world that includes a wrap around 180 degree screen; this traveling show will be followed by a global event that will see interactive cultural exhibits help us understand our fellow humans in a more intimate way. The eight location global event will bring news to the world of the aims of the Lovaganza Foundation, which include the need for clean water, health care, education, and peace around the world to aid the development of the youth of the planet. The success of the movies from Lovaganza will fund the good works this impressive group hope to complete over the next few decades as a series of trilogies are produced under the Lovaganza banner.

GTL Offers False Claims

GTL communications, an information technology company, has recently made claims that another company within their industry, Securus Technologies, has recently been operating under expired patents for a large number of their products. This would mean that Securus products would be available for general use within the business world, which would definitely crush the company. In order to combat these claims Securus, along with several of its allies in the industry, have looked into their patent and have proven that thee claims are inaccurate and that they still maintain ownership of the patents for the products they have worked so hard to develop. This fact has dwindled the identification of honesty of GTL and has instead increased the potential customer base of Securus technologies through word of mouth in media exposure.


Securus technologies is an interesting company as they provide security and communication support to incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. These inmates are offered communications support in a number of ways, with one being the ability to download a free application for Android and Apple devices that allows them to communicate openly with their loved ones through the use of video chat software. This program offers incredible levels of innovation to these customers as instead of waiting long period of time to talk with their family members they can instead log on to the application and talk to them directly. This allows visitation time to bypass transit periods and also the length of time it takes for visitors of the inmates to move through mandatory security checks.


The services and products that Securus provides its customers is top notch and worth looking in to. They are not only s reliable and customer driven information technology company but a humanitarian organization as well for their efforts.


FreedomPop Helps Me To Run My Business On The Go With Their Portable Hotspot


I’m running a business that requires me to be on the road a lot, and this is why I require the use of a portable hotspot. I thought having a portable hotspot would be extremely expensive, but reading through a Freedompop review has given me other options. I purchased a portable hotspot for under $100, and just to be safe, I keep it in my pocket when I go into areas that I’m unsure about. The portable hotspot is so small in size that I can put it anywhere I want to hide it, including my pocket, my purse, or in a small bag that is away from prying eyes.

I need Internet service whenever I go out because I do interviews with people for my business, and I work for a large company. Although I’m an independent contractor, every person that I hire for the company will give me a great bonus, so paying for a portable hotspot is more than worth it. Freedompop gives me 500 MB of data for the portable hotspot every month, and this data is free of charge. I never know how much data l’ll need each month, so I just pay for additional data as I go.

Freedompop has competitive prices on their data, which is something that I like and is very beneficial when I’m in need of additional data because I can always contact Freedompop to get additional data right away if it’s necessary. I had one day that was very busy, and I interviewed four different people and got to hire all four of them, so I made more money that day but also used a lot of data that day as well. When I ran out of data in the middle of one interview, I was quickly able to get more data without missing a beat.

I also have the Freedompop cell phone service, which has been great because I never have to worry that wherever I go the cell phone won’t connect. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone that takes a sim card, and I recently learned that I can take the sim card out of country with me and can still make phone calls. Freedompop has been my company of choice for wireless services for a while now, and the fact that they are helping me to run my business much better means that I’ll stick with them from now on.

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Marc Sparks, a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a respected and renowned venture capitalist, business guru and a serial entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. In addition to being the chief executive officer of Timber Creek Capital, Mr Sparks also maintains several portfolio firms located in the United States.

With a wide expertise and experience, he has successfully managed and owned a series of business ventures. Furthermore with a high interest and enthusiasm in the telecommunication industry, Marc owns three telecommunication firms that include Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. Marc Sparks is widely known for having great business ideas that tend to be very much beneficial to the public.

Marc’s Involvement in Philanthropy

Besides business, Marc takes part in different philanthropic activities and events in Dallas. A perfect example of an activity that he has involved himself in, is the Samaritan Inn program. This program was established in the 1980’s with an aim to provide shelter to the homeless.

With a great passion in giving back to the society, Marc has built a dozen of homes to shelter the poor and homeless as well as support the American Can, one of the education programs based in Dallas. Marc finds helping other people incredibly rewarding and this has been his driving force.

His Achievements in Business

Although Marc has gained incredible results and success in business, he strongly believes that his success is as a result of hard work and dedication. He views himself not different from other businesspersons. In one of his interesting books “They Can’t Eat You” Marc openly illustrates how he managed to attain success in business.

Being an open-minded and passionate individual, Marc freely shares his knowledge with the less privileged.

According to his history, Marc Sparks did not become successful upon establishing his first single business. Being a serial entrepreneur, he owns a multitude of business ventures in different industries.

Despite having high interest in telecommunication, he also holds other successful types of businesses. As a venture capitalist, Marc provides start-up capital for entrepreneurs who seem dedicated and have a promising future. Despite the high levels of speculation in venture capitalism, Mr sparks has been quite successful.

About Timber Creek Capital

Timber Creek Capital is a privately owned equity company that was founded by Marc Sparks. This firm was established to turn the dreams of passionate and committed entrepreneurs into revenue generating, sought after services and products. With its headquarters in Dallas, Timber Creek Capital provides capital, necessary office space, graphic arts, legal, accounting, merchant banking and customer service expertise among others.

Being in the industry for over 35 years, this firm has built a good reputation since it offers proper navigation services to businesses from inception to the end. Under the direction of Marc Sparks this company has achieved lots of success.

Thor Halvorssen Uses His Multicultural Upbringing To Lead The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen had a multicultural upbringing that has informed him a lot in his work, and he kept that multicultural life to work in Venezuela in the government. The government was a very big influence on the work that he did, and he found all the different types of corruption in the country that people would expect to see.

There are a lot of people who were impacted by this corruption, but he uncovered and realized that there were many different ways to run a country. He moved up to New York and started the Human Rights Foundation to help.

He is now a very big proponent of the democratic socialism that he knows from Scandinavia where half his family is from. He knows that that kind of government can work really well, and he believes that it makes more sense for countries to reach out and help the people instead of just assuming that they will get the services they need.

Everyone who has worked with the Human Rights Foundation knows that Thor Halvorssen has a heart for people, and they also know that he wants them to be aided by their government instead of hurt by it.

The best thing that has ever happened to people fighting against human rights problems is the Human Rights Foundation. It is dedicated to people who do not have any kind of help, and Thor Halvorssen can use his upbringing to understand the mindset of every person who is in need.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen wants to help people in a way that is very unique to the Human Rights Foundation, and he knows that someone who is in dire need would be desperate to talk to him and his foundation. Expanding the Human Rights Foundation to meet every multicultural need is part of Thor Halvorssen’s plan.

Reputation Management Grows Up

A high school student’s reputation can fluctuate daily based on one person’s opinion. A reputation could be forever altered by popular opinion and by the time the student learned what was being said it was too late to intervene. Not much has changed since high school, but now we can envision a way to avoid the damage.

What is Online Reputation Management?

 Online Reputation Defender services monitor the reputation of businesses (or individuals.) Social media platforms provide open forums for information, good or bad, that can infiltrate the masses and ultimately damage or help your business. An ORM service can look out for you and circumvent a crisis from happening or to be there if crisis response if necessary. ORM allows you to spend your time doing what you do best: managing your business. ORM lets someone else manage existing comments or reviews and helps you with brand management.

ORM in the News

Information regarding shopping for an ORM service and what to look for is readily available. AllBusiness gives practical advice on what to look for when managing your online reputation. Here you can learn how to manage your online reputation. Business News Daily shares the companies with the best ORM services for specific needs. A little research can help a business owner determine what to look for in a service and help him or her to know their online perception and if their brand marketing is effective.

Knowing what people are saying about your business (or you) is longer a luxury. The prevalence of digital networking is equivalent to the high school bully who slammed your reputation in math class. An ORM service would have seen it coming or quickly intervene to bring your reputation back to where it belongs.


Kevin Seawright Is Still Optimistic Despite the Growing Economic Storm

Kevin Seawright is a Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and it is his business to spread the positive outlook about the future to others. The easiest way to do that is to set a great example. Never will you catch Kevin talking down the economic environment in his community. He has realized the formula for success and it starts with attitude.

Kevin Seawright makes his outlook catch on to the community by offering solutions for small businesses in the area both downtown and all around including uptown. He has found ways to assist businesses of all kinds be it clothing stores or thrift stores, hand made jewelry designer stores to junk shops, there is a way, in his mind, for those who have the positive outlook and who will come in and work with him to acquire grants funding in loans that are available to fund small business with seed money.

Kevin Seawright says that the success comes with knowledge about what the specifics are. It also comes with taking the first steps to learn about what hoops need to be jumped through. The first hoop is to come in to the office and meet with the primary loan specialist, Lexie Demirali.

She will instruct the applicant on the details such as what financials are involved, tax and credit reports and how to open the business up to these managed risks. They need to understand that basically, success is a requirement also and that most often involves paying back a loan, even if the business fails.

To help those who are intimidated but the prospect of failure, mentorships are possible through the SBA, the Small Business Association who will guide them through the first steps of proposal writing and writing up a real solid business plan that is properly researched.

Doing the homework is everything here to avoid that potential unsavory situation of failing to make the business break even. Thusly, the loan can be paid back and eventually enter the profit zone as the business establishes itself because the research was properly done. The steps toward this success were taken with the guidance of the mentors.

The partnerships that Kevin Seawright makes available to applicants for the small business program at CEDC, are an invaluable resource for those who really want to change their lives for the better.