Lovaganza Seeks Global Success With The Release Of A Movie Trilogy

The Lovaganza Foundation has set a firm date for the start of its traveling show and trilogy of films that will lead up to the global event that will publicize the aims of this worthy foundation. Under the leadership of filmmaker J.P. Gagnon the Lovaganza Foundation will set out on a traveling show that will allow people around the world to enjoy the excitement of a unique screening experience as… Read Article →

GTL Offers False Claims

GTL communications, an information technology company, has recently made claims that another company within their industry, Securus Technologies, has recently been operating under expired patents for a large number of their products. This would mean that Securus products would be available for general use within the business world, which would definitely crush the company. In order to combat these claims Securus, along with several of its allies in the industry,… Read Article →

FreedomPop Helps Me To Run My Business On The Go With Their Portable Hotspot

  I’m running a business that requires me to be on the road a lot, and this is why I require the use of a portable hotspot. I thought having a portable hotspot would be extremely expensive, but reading through a Freedompop review has given me other options. I purchased a portable hotspot for under $100, and just to be safe, I keep it in my pocket when I go… Read Article →

Marc Sparks, a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a respected and renowned venture capitalist, business guru and a serial entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. In addition to being the chief executive officer of Timber Creek Capital, Mr Sparks also maintains several portfolio firms located in the United States. With a wide expertise and experience, he has successfully managed and owned a series of business ventures. Furthermore with a high interest and enthusiasm in the telecommunication… Read Article →

Reputation Management Grows Up

A high school student’s reputation can fluctuate daily based on one person’s opinion. A reputation could be forever altered by popular opinion and by the time the student learned what was being said it was too late to intervene. Not much has changed since high school, but now we can envision a way to avoid the damage. What is Online Reputation Management?  Online Reputation Defender services monitor the reputation of… Read Article →

Kevin Seawright Is Still Optimistic Despite the Growing Economic Storm

Kevin Seawright is a Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and it is his business to spread the positive outlook about the future to others. The easiest way to do that is to set a great example. Never will you catch Kevin talking down the economic environment in his community. He has realized the formula for success and it starts with attitude. Kevin Seawright makes… Read Article →

Investing in the world- Malini Saba

Before “globalization” became a trending topic, there was Malini Saba. Malini wasn’t born a global investor and philanthropist nor did she come from a background where those titles were handed to her. Coming from a middle class family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and moving to Australia where she grew up, Malini fought against the odds as a young woman and made her impression upon the world wide investment community.   Moving… Read Article →

The CEO of JustFab, Don Ressler Has History of Success

When your company just got valued at $1 billion, you probably have some skill in business. And this is certainly the case with Don Ressler, the co-founder and CEO of JustFab, a fashion e-commerce business that focuses on subscription retail products like shoes, hats, and more. In fact, Don Ressler showed even more determination and vision when he brought a fashion icon on board to help him run the company…. Read Article →

Why An SEC Whistleblower Should Use An Attorney

Security violations are governed and controlled by the Security Exchange Comission, also called the SEC. In short, the SEC is a financial regulation service set up in the United States to make sure that everyone in the industries who is governed by them plays fair. The SEC lays out the rules and the companies agree to follow them. If there is a violation, the SEC takes those violations very seriously… Read Article →